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in peru: vermutlich johanna
in brasilien: vermutlich mel

in costa rica kenn ich kein....
(das waren uebrigens besucher auf unserer teamseite)

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i am not a fan of russel crowe,

but with his decision to kick the cheerleaders out of his rugby (league, ain't it?) club, he made himself a seat in my hero gallery.
link unfortunately just in german

he said that he finds this kind of entertainment inappropriate and disrespectful against the women in the audience and thinks that it takes away the focus from the game.

he's just so right.

although i appreciate the amount of work and athletiscism in cheerleading (i used to play aemrican football, and compared to the workout and training the cheeries had to do, our training was more like a nice get togehther... and then all the time you have to put into sunbathing, slimming down, trimming your eyebrows and and and...), i don't consider it as a sport, but as entertainment.
like showdancing etc.

and i don't think that fast team sports such as rugby and, uhm, well, rugby league, and, uhm, maybe soccer and handball (i think the americans have another name for that one) need some half-naked girls to cheer up the crowd.
we don't have as many breaks as football (and maybe basketball, but it's been a long time that i've been to watch basketball) and don't need entertainment to keep the attention of the audience.

so, yes, mr crowe, you are a true rugby person!!!

interestingly enough:

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weil offenbar tot ist,

habe ich das turnier-blog bei wordpress neu angelegt:

muss jetzt aber erstmal die ganzen daten zusammen suchen und da ein bisschen basteln, ist also noch

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